Store all events which happen in your CI/CD environment: branches, builds, validations, promotions, labels, commits, tickets, meta properties. Display this information in dashboards. Search for builds based on statuses, issues, commits, etc. Use this information as a powerful tool to drive your pipelines into new directions!

Watch the All Day DevOps 2017 , Devoxx Poland 2019 and CloudBees DevOps World 2021 presentations to know more about Ontrack use cases.

Follow also blog articles about Ontrack at https://nemerosa.ghost.io/

Inject and use your CI/CD data

You can feed information into Ontrack using its REST API or its GraphQL API. Direct integration is also possible by ingesting GitHub Actions workflows or by using the Jenkins Ontrack pipeline library. There is also a CLI written in Go for other platforms.

Get information from your ecosystem

Ontrack can communicate with many tools in order to enrich the information it collects about your pipelines: GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, JIRA, Jenkins, Artifactory, SonarQube and many others. Data and metrics can be exported seamlessly to Elasticsearch or InfluxDB, allowing a fast integration with Grafana.
Ontrack comes also with built-in charts to display the high level trends of your delivery (lead time, stability, time to recover, etc.)

Quick start

The fastest way to install Ontrack is to deploy its Helm chart into a Kubernetes cluster. Other options are available in the documentation.

You can also use Ontrack as a Service. Please contact ontrack@nemerosa.com for more information.

Open Source and SaaS

Ontrack is developed under the MIT Open Source license and contributions are very welcome.

A commercial offering is also available, for support and SaaS hosting. Please contact ontrack@nemerosa.com for more information.


Ontrack was presented at All Day DevOps 2017 , Devoxx Poland 2019 and CloudBees DevOps World 2021. Go and watch these videos to learn more about real user stories.


Ontrack takes the security very seriously. You can use identity providers like Okta or any other Open ID Connect compatible identity provider. LDAP integration is also possible.

For the integrations with the other systems, Ontrack uses AES256 encryption.